Friday, September 21, 2012


This drawing took me a couple of days to finish. I had a picture of this kid and then i had to shade in his face using the value scale. I found the different values by looking at the picture and making shapes where it is darker. I used the entire value scale because the drawing has many differrent shades. I think my drawing is okay. I think the hair looks good but the lips are too large. I think the values shade well together though. I had a few obstacles on my way to completing this project. One obstacle was getting the darks dark enough. I also couldnt figure out how to make the lips look normal. The struggle is real out there man.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Maus Art

We made moss art in Mr. Sands class. He mixed up the moss with other ingredients to make some pretty scrumptious looking paint. We then painted it onto the brick wall at school in different shapes. Now we just have to see if it wil grow........

Skeletal Jerry

Cartoon Bone Project-Jerry.
In Mr. Sands' Atr Class we drew skeletons for cartoon characters. Jerry's bones are similar to those of a human, but changed to fit inside his tiny body. I think this turned out pretty good.