Art1 Final Portfolio

1. I think the printmaking project was both my favorite and most successful piece all year.  It was my favorite because I liked to carve out of the linoleum with the cutting tools. I also liked using the brayer to roll paint onto the print. I also think it turned out pretty good. After the original black one, I used more colors like blue, orange, and yellow to make it more interesting.  I liked the print because it had nice texture and designs.  I especially like using the smaller cutting tools for the hair because it make it look more realistic.  It was even good enough to go on Mr. Sands' board!

2. I think I learned the most from doing the portrait project.  It taught me how to draw facial features proportional to the head.  I also learned a lot about shading and lighting.  Even though the final product doesn't look the greatest, I still learned a lot of valuable things.  I think the only thing that turned out good in the end was the hair.  It has good detail and looks like it reflects the light.  I think the major problem was the shading.  It seems too dark everywhere, there isn't enough difference for the 3D effect.  Too bad the kid I drew left the class the next day..

3. For the landscape project I used techniques from many different projects.  I learned to draw the trees proportional to the trunks.  I also shaded in everything with different colors to add effect.  I think this project turned out pretty good in the end. But I still had a hard time making things look 3D. I think I will get better at that though with more practice.  My favorite part about this project though was painting the sky background.  I enjoyed that part because I got to experiment with different colors to find what was best.  I definetely learned a lot in this art course.  And I think that was represented well in this piece.

4. I think the moss project was the least benificial out of all.  It was a cool idea, but I dont think anything actually happened to the moss.  We also didnt apply any skills we learned from art to paint the moss.  It was just fun.  I would do it again because it was fun, but it didnt test my artistic abilities.

5. I think this stencil piece refelcts me best out of all the projects.  It used my favorite color, and it's a car! I also like the way the shadow was added (with the help of Mr. Sands). It makes the whole thing look cooler and more detailed.  I liked this project a lot also because we got to make our box out of wood.  I liked cutting the wood and putting it together.  But i didnt really like glueing the paper to the cardboard.  But overall, I think this piece is pretty good, and reflects what kind of 'artist' I am. 


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