Monday, October 22, 2012

For this project I found a picture of a monkey, then drew it, before I printed it. I used a cutting tool to cut out a rubber square to make it look like the picture. I cut out spaces for the hair and the leaves. All the stuff that is white are the spaces I cut out. I think it looks very good.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

For this project I drew an orangatan for the printmaking. It was very important to add texture because it makes the print look more realistic. It also adds contrast. We had to have several different pictures of the animal before we could start drawing. This helped because it let you see how the animal looked from different angles. The one i chose is the best one i drew because it was a good size and had good detail in the hair and wrinkles on the face.
For this project we have Miguel jellyfishing with Patrick! We worked in teams to make these projects. I worked on the big jellyfish and coloring it in. It is very important to work as a team because it would take a very long time if just one person does the work. I think our mural looked pretty good after it was complete. This project was fun and escpecially because anyone could be a part of the artwork.