Monday, November 19, 2012

For this project I drew me a big ole roosta. After I got the picture, I went into photoshop and streched the image vertically. Then I widened the top to add the right effects.  So when you looked at it from the angle of the picture, it will look better than if you are looking straight down at it. This is called anamorphosis.  
For this project I used a car for my stencil. In the computer lab, I got a picture of the internet, and then used photoshop to make the picture black and white. The background is a collage of newspaper and book pages I ripped apart. This helped give the stencil texture and added appeal. For the stencil, I cut out the positive space, which is the white part. Then, with the help of Mr. Sands, we added a shadow to make it look more realistic. While cutting the stencil we used Xacto knives. You had to keep your hands away so you didnt cut your fingers. It was a struggle to make sure the parts were thick enough to stay together. After the spray paint was added, I think it turned out looking pretty good.